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Plan Your Wedding Ceremony in Las Vegas

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Your Las Vegas wedding ceremony will be absolutely perfect. Just remember the most important thing about the entire day is marrying your love. This is what makes it perfect... despite anything else that occurs.

Featured Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Venues & Professionals
A Victoria's
The Victoria's Family proudly welcomes you to it's newly designed wedding chapel. The chapel features a neoclassic Roman design with hand crafted, sold-oak pews decorated with fine silken embroidery and your selection of floral bouquets. All under a tranquil, mural sky. Victoria's Chapel welcomes and accommodates ceremonies of all denominations, combining experience and care with flair and warmth.
Call 877-732-2162 ♥ More Information
El Caribe
Soaring Palms, Classic Charm & Unique Architecture Provide an Elegant Setting on Your Special Day. The open-air fireplace & courtyard bestow a romantic & intimate atmosphere. The vast ballroom, with it's vaulted, beamed ceilings, is graced with elaborate silk florals, gold cane-back Charivari chairs & magnificent place settings of fine bone chine, silver & crystal. Call 877-732-2162 ♥ More Information
Embassy Terrace
With its Cathedral Ceilings, Magnificent Marble Entrance and Fine Crystal Chandeliers, The Embassy Terrace Greets You and Your Guests with Timeless Elegance ... The Embassy Terrace provides the perfect setting for a once in a lifetime celebration.The beautiful chapel is adorned with a fully appointed bridal suite and a spacious reception area. Call 877-732-2162 ♥ More Information

Wedding Reception Favors & Decorations
Everything you need for the perfect pre-wedding party...from bridal shower favors to bachelorette party favors to wedding favors.
Call 866-515-9385 ♥ Email

The Wedding Party
You should select people who make you feel great. Never feel pressured to choose an attendant for reasons other than your own happiness.

Wedding Party Responsibilities
Participants in your ceremony have traditional responsibilities. It's a good idea to create small checklists for the friends and family participating so they know precisely what to do. It's easy to forget things during the excitement and emotion of the day, so a checklist will ensure things go smoothly.

Wedding Party Responsibilities Checklist (Customize to suit your wedding)


Music for the Ceremony
Discuss your musical selections with clergyman performing the ceremony. In some cases, he or she must approve the selections before they can be used.

Be sure to arrange for appropriate sound systems and/or equipment. If you have recorded music, find out if you need a cassette tape or a CD. Many churches only have a cassette player! Also, if you have live music, you may have to request microphones, music stands, etc.

Caution! If you have a song that must be cued up on cassette, make SURE it's cued properly. We heard a story of a local wedding where the bride wanted "From this Moment" to be played during the unity candle lighting. Unfortunately, the tape wasn't cued properly and the final words from the previous song played first --- Shania Twain singing, "Don't be Stupid!"

Get music ideas for your ceremony on our Music page!

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